"A Girlfriend's Getaway with Purpose"

November 1-3, 2019

All Inclusive Package

The mission of Living Your Dreams Conference for Women, 2019, is to nurture and empower women to step out on faith and live the dream that has been planted in them by God, our Holy Father.  The conference will harness the collective wisdom, experience and energy of inspirational women of diverse ages and backgrounds who are interested in helping other women succeed with identifying and living their dreams using their God-given talents!

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Meet our Keynote Speaker-- Bea Moore

Affectionately known as The Lifestyle DIVVA, Beatrice Moore is an advocate for promoting and developing a positive lifestyle that rejects societal and media representations of negativity. Bea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, and has published number of mathematics articles and textbooks. She is an award winning educator, author and successful entrepreneur.  

Beatrice continues to use her gifts of teaching and leadership to support positive self- esteem and growth opportunities for educators nationally and internationally. She now expands her reach of influence with The Shoe Fetish Movement.


 Learn more about Bea at the Shoefetishmovement.com 

Choose Your Sessions:

  • Your Educational Dream is Within Your Reach

Would you like to enhance your employability or perhaps reach for your creative goals?Focus on traditional and non-traditional avenues of acquiring continuing education. Learn about a variety of platforms available (in-person and online) and free and tuition based programs which target (but are not limited to) improvement of general knowledge and communication skills. Let us help you explore.

  • Even a Dream Needs Coaching

Do you wonder what God's next steps will be for you? Are you facing disappointment or grief? Focus on how to make positive changes, build leadership skills, gain time management and organization expertise, goal setting, the importance of planning and gaining new knowledge about one’s own strengths and skills in order to become more useful to our own communities.


  • Do you Dream of being an Entrepreneur?

Focus on the importance of planning, branding your business, role of mentors, financial implications such as tax planning, traits of successful entrepreneurs, emerging business opportunities for entrepreneurs, and any other information that would support those interested in starting a business.​

  • Creating the Family of Your Dreams

Focus on family planning, adoption avenues, God's plan for marriage and being single, parenting skills, living with the teenager, taking care of parents in a “sandwich” generation, better relationships and communication.


  • Your God Given Dream of Service​

Focus on ministry, community service, leadership, mentoring youth or your peers, volunteerism opportunities, missionary assignments and more. Let our coaches help and encourage your next steps.


  • Your Dream requires a Healthy You

Do you dream of running a race, climbing a mountain, or just facing each day with confidence? If so, this might be a session you choose. Focus on how to establish health goals, healthy eating patterns on a budget, embrace healthy aging, understand the importance of monitoring and establishing positive mental health goals, beauty essentials and dress for success tips, or exercise routines for busy women.


Friday Night Through Sunday Morning All-Inclusive Packages  $289 for a double occupancy room



choose the all day Saturday through Sunday Morning Package double occupancy $229.

other options are available--single occupancy, community cabin, etc.

Your All-Inclusive Resort Getaway Package:

Arrive Friday evening for the wine and cheese meet and greet. Indulge in a good night's sleep in a cabin or double-occupancy room with a balcony overlooking beautiful natural scenery. Upon waking, enjoy coffee and a buffet breakfast before the 8:30 a.m. conference registration. Or, drive in Saturday morning for breakfast and registration. Everything you need for the day is provided for you from pens and paper; water, tea, and coffee, and lunch; new thoughts and ideas about how God plants dreams in our hearts. You'll have time to pray and journal and small group sessions with certified coaches who will help you set personal goals if that's what you need. Lively and fun discussions with other women who are seeking the same things you are: they want to take their next step toward living their dreams. Enjoy inspiring stories of other women who have taken the next step. After the conference ends with a prayer walk on Saturday, enjoy a buffet dinner and an evening bonfire. Sleep well until Sunday morning, when you attend the prayer breakfast overlooking the lake and say good-byes to new friends, taking the confidence and insights you've gained as well as your memories with you.

Session Coaches

Theresa Hill, nutritionist, author of three cookbooks, and owner of EatWell, LLC shares how she followed her God-given dreams to create her own small business.
Amy Hinkle, mom of three, PiYo coach, Spartan Trifecta racer, and owner of a small business, shares ideas for following God and finding life balance and fitness at any age.
Joetta Schneider--teacher, life coach, and small business owner-shares her God-given talents of exhortation and encouragement.
Karen Ford, owner of KBF Money Management and author of four books, explains investments and budgeting, anything you need to know to make your God-given dream of financial wellness come true.

and More to Come...

Andrea Neptune, professional organizer and great listener, wants to help you identify your dreams of the life God designed for you.


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